Corrosion Systems

Non Intrusive:

Real-time data-to-desk measurement of fixed equipment wall thicknesses in inhospitable and inaccessible environments.

CTG offers non-intrusive integrity monitoring systems which use unique sensor technology and wireless (HART 7 or ISA 100) data delivery to continuously monitor for metal loss from corrosion or erosion, and reliably deliver high integrity data from the most difficult environments.

Ultrasonic, Acoustic Emisions and Wave Guided techniques are combined with  Wireless Non Intrusive sensors for Corrosion Monitoring, Leak detection and Theft systems.


System Elements


Waveguide-based ultrasonic thickness measurement sensors, in multiple variants

  • Pipe / vessel wall thickness


  • Communication:
  • Wireless, for short-range system 
  • cable-connected to neighbouring range extender, for long-range system
  • Wireless HART & and ISA 100 wireless, for short-range system
  • No need to remove external protective paint or coatings
    • Magnetic or lightweight strap mounting
    • Suitable for marine environments
    • Clamps Mounting



To receive data
  • directly from sensors - short-range system
  • from range extenders connected to sensors - long-range system


    Variants for varying installation requirements.

  • single integral unit, i.e. antenna and electronics, all mounted outdoors
  • antenna and electronics separate, with antenna outdoors and electronics indoors

Software Suites

  Installed on a customer server running any version of windows 

  • database, for secure storage of all thickness data and associated waveforms 
  • visualisation and reporting suite 
  • system management and performance diagnostic suite



     Transmitters (wire and wireless) and Data loggers for probe ER, LPR, HRER, and Erosion

  • Coupon Holders for high and low pressures.
  • Low pressure extraction tools for coupons, samples, and injectors.
  • High Pressure Access Nipples
  • Sampling systems.


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