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CTG provides a range of additional membrane products which include flocculants for RO feed water optimization, biocides for online dosing and off line sanitization, all products are compatible with all Brand membranes. In addition, we also will supply formulated chemicals for chlorine reduction and corrosion protection in permeate supply lines.


BiocideBiofilm control – on line dosing and CIPBiofilm control, off line sanitization and membrane storage
Flocculant Membrane compatible flocculantsMembrane compatible flocculant, potable grade
Flocculant, algaecide & Biocide Flocculant with additional biocide and algaecide activity for on line use
Chlorine Scavenger Removal of residual chlorine from feed water
Corrosion Protector Corrosion inhibitor for permeate distribution systems
Cleaners Successful membrane clean depends primarily on the nature of the foulant. Before electing cleaning chemicals and designing a cleaning protocol it is vitally important to correctly identify the deposit or foulant trough a RO feedwater proper lab analysis and Membrane Autopsy Service. For the most effective cleaning, and therefore reduced cleaning frequency, conditions of pH, temperature and contact time are important.
Filters, Cartridges and Housings Filtration of: sand, scale, lime, rust, fine particles:PP Melt-Blown Filters Cartridge. (0.5-100 micron)PP Wounded Filters Cartridge. (1-100 micron) PP Melt-Blown Filters Cartridge BIG. (0.5-100 micron)PP Pleated / Melt-Blown Filters Cartridge. (0.5-100 micron)Nylon or Poliester Bag Filters Cartridge. (1-400 micron)Applications: Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Process Gases and Chemicals Industries.PTFE, NYLON, PES, PP Filters Cartridge (0,05 - 2,5 absolute micron)



Due to a different RO feed water ionic composition, it is necessary to have a proper lab analysis. As a result, different types of scale may deposit on the membranes if the correct antiscalant and/or dosage is not used. To provide optimum operating conditions for both Sea and Brackish Water RO plants, it is imperative to select the correct antiscalant. Correct product application in the RO feed water is critical to ensure the optimum plant operational performance is possible, reduce the overall costs through energy savings, reduced cleaning frequency and extend the life of the membranes.

  • Large systems, first and,second pass, partial recycling.,Potable use - NSF/UKDWI,
  • Small / Medium Systems. Potable use - NSF/UKDWI
  • Phosphorous free
  • High sulphate
  •  Second pass (Brackish water portion of boron), high pH, high recovery

  • Broad spectrum, stressed water.
  • Potable use - NSF/UKDWI
  • High Calcium Sulphate Strontium Sulphate
  • High silica feed
  • High phosphate
  • Systems incorporating concentrate recycle for small systems
  • Mains feed water. Contains dechlorinator to prevent membrane oxidation
  • Broad spectrum, large municipal plant.
    Potable use - NSF approved



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