Main Industry/ Applications(Not Limited)








1 S/P

Specialty Activated Alumina, beds, and catalyst, molecular sieves and support media

Refineries (HC, HT, and FCC) Units

2 S/P/E

Services for Utility Plants: CWT, Steam, RO, Ion Exchange

Water, Power, Refineries, Petrochemical, Food & Beverage, Pharma

3  S/E Engineering Services for CP, Integrity and Inspection All    
S ICDA Software Services O&G Pipelines    

Industrial Chemicals:

1. Solvents: toluene, Xylene, IPA, Glycols, chlorinated
2. Acids: acetic, formic, Sulfuric, Nitric, Hydrochloric
3. Mining products
Chemical, Petrochemical, Mining      

Specialty Oil & Gas Drilling

O&G Upstream


7 P Viscosity reducer and pipe treatment (flow improvers) O&G Upstream and Pipelines


8 P Industrial or chemical components for Food, Cosmetics and Pharma Food and Pharma


P Phosphorous components for O&G, WT, Agro, Mining and Paints O&G, Agro, Water, Miningand Paints      
10 P Upstream Chemicals O&G Upstream      
11  P Water Surface Tension Reducer for irrigation water Agriculture


12  P Specialty chemicals for fluids (Drilling) O&G Upstream (Drilling)


13  P Synthetic Lubricants Lubricants      
14  P Fracking and Drilling fluid Components O&G Upstream (Drilling)


15  E/S Non Intrusive, On Line  Corrosion Monitoring System (Wireless) for Refineries and Pipelines Refineries, Ship (Vessels), FPSO, Platforms

16 E/S Non Intrusive On Line  Corrosion Monitoring, Leaks and theft Detection (Wireless) for Refineries and pipelines O&G Upstream and Downstream

17 E/S Intrusive Corrosion Monitoring Wired and Wireless O&G Upstream and Downstream

18  E Lab Equipment for analysis, consumables, diagnostic,  chemicals, and relates equipment. All


19  E Test and Measurement Tools, underground utility pipe and cable locating equipment, water leak detection and excavating safety technology, Cable fault location, Cables Testing Refineries, Power


20  E/S Gas, Emissions, and Process On Line Analyzers All      
21  E/S Automation PLC, Field Instrumentation and Engineering Services All  
22  E Water Pumps and CCM Water      
23  E Chemical Pumps and Skid All      
24   E Polyethylene liner for Tubing O&G Upstream (Wells)      
25  E Filtration Systems All      
26 P Asphaltite and Gilsonite Construction      
27  P Solvents All      
28  P Flange Facing, Orbital Milling, Hot Tapping and Line Stopping, Line Boring, Pipe and Casing Cutting, All


29  P/S Modular Petrochemical Refinery O&G Upstream and Downstream       
30  P/S Industrial and Municipal Water Plants Water in Food, Municiplas, Beverage, Oil & Gas, Agriculture

31 S EP&CM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Managing) Oil and Gas