Reliable internal pipeline corrosion prediction based on next gen software to assist with wet or dry gas ICDA practices.



  • Upstream Petroleum Production

  • Downstream Natural Gas Transportation

  • Wet Oil (and low BS&W) Transmission Pipelines

  • Petrochemical Processing

  • Potable Water Distribution

  • Amine Gas Sweetening Piping

  • Refinery Crude Operations

  • Water Treatment


The software is a fully web based software suite that accurately predicts and evaluates thirty-four different parameters including:


  • Momentum, heat and mass transfer phenomena

  • Multi-phase fluid flow behavior and flow regime

  • Fluid production rates

  • Water chemistry

  • Gas composition

  • Calculates pH in saturated brine at pipeline conditions

  • Oilfield mineral scale prediction

  • Assesses impact of methanol for hydrate control

  • Unmitigated pipeline internal general corrosion rate

  • Oxygen Induced Corrosion Prediction


We can estimate five common oilfield mineral scale deposits and corrosion


  • Characterizes and animates your pipeline fluid flow regime
  • Calculates the actual velocity
  • Calculates the wetted surface length


We can predicts internal pipeline corrosion in flowing aqueous-bearing systems for:


  • Wet Natural Gas

  • Wet Sour Gas

  • Wet Crude or Wet Stabilized Oil

  • Wet Gas Condensate

  • H2O Injection or Disposal Pipeline Systems Move Beyond...

  • Move beyond momentum and heat transfer alone

  • Move beyond "critical angles" and liquid hold-up

  • Move beyond "nominally-wet" natural gas

  • Move beyond the ORDINARY

  • Move through and beyond the fluid viscous sub-layer

  • Move to a fully integrated heat, momentum and mass transfer model

  • Move to where the REAL CORROSION OCCURS

  • Move to corrosion at the internal PIPE WALL